Tamar Braxton – Love and War (Album)



1. The One / Zippyshare
2. Tip Toe / Zippyshare
3. Stay and Fight / Zippyshare
4. Love and War / Zippyshare
5. All the Way Home / Zippyshare
6. One on One Fun / Zippyshare
7. She Did That (Interlude) / Zippyshare
8. Hot Sugar / Zippyshare
9. Pieces / Zippyshare
10. Where It Hurts / Zippyshare
11. Prettiest Girl / Zippyshare
12. Sound of Love / Zippyshare
13. White Candle / Zippyshare
14. Thank You Lord / Zippyshare

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9 Responses

  1. Cookie says:

    Can we get a different format please? I can download but its wanting to only open in adobie reader

    • admin says:

      right click on the file name, chose open’s with. Click change. Chose from the list winrar & click ok. If there’s no such option. Click browse. Go to programs under your local disk and find winrar,or the file opener you use.

  2. Jessica Bieber says:

    itunes ?

  3. thank you says:

    Aghhh..I need the iTunes quality in my lifee!!! lol

  4. Gledson Fenty says:

    please post Céline Dion – Loved Me Back To Life, it’s released on iTunes now!!!

  5. Cookie says:

    Thanks for uploading. Cant wait for iTunes quality.

  6. Zander says:

    what happened with the itunes version

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