Sevyn Streeter Call Me Crazy But Album CDQ

Sevyn Streeter - Call Me Crazy


1. Sevyn Streeter – Come On Over / Zippyshare / Sharebeast
2. Sevyn Streeter – It Won’t Stop (feat. Chris Brown) / Zippyshare / Sharebeast
3. Sevyn Streeter – Sex On The Ceiling / Zippyshare / Sharebeast
4. Sevyn Streeter – Call Me Crazy / Zippyshare / Sharebeast
5. Sevyn Streeter – B.A.N.S. / Zippyshare / Sharebeast
6. Sevyn Streeter – Shattered / Zippyshare / Sharebeast
7. Sevyn Streeter – nEXt / Zippyshare / Sharebeast

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  • Michelle

    The only song I like is “It Won’t Stop”, and the cover… hum, not good.

  • Cookie

    Im right with you^ She should have let Chris brown write her songs.. Meh..

    • Li

      LOL. If you think Chris Brown writes his own music you are very naive.

    • Primadonna

      but she writes Chris Brown’s music -_______-

      • Erin Jackson

        She’s actually a really skilled artist. Well rounded. She can actually sing live and dance.

        Also, check Chris Brown’s album credits…
        She has written a few tracks for him….

        So calm down on this chick. Lol
        Not to mention she’s penned songs for Multiple other artists and been in two lackluster groups. (I think RichGirl had a single that made the r&b charts)

        I don’t think she’s the worlds greatest artist, but she has an undeniable grind.

  • jan3xoxo

    Nah i disagree with both of you.

  • Marth

    I like every song except “Next”. I think she did a good job

  • Benni

    thanks. iTunes version any soon?

  • Denaya

    all of yall just hating yall don’t have an Ep coming out so stop saying what songs you like and don’t like because at the end of the day she getting paid and going on tour while yall at home doing nothing but commenting on something you dont even know about and she helped chris write most of his songs and she writes her songs so while yall sitting here talking stuff get your facts straight and Michelle you can get on somewhere like forreal cause im pretty sure u just a white person just hating so BYE

    • Shay

      Your comment makes no sense. So what if we don’t have an album coming out. It’s not hate if they don’t like the EP. The point of consumers is to say what they like and do not like.

  • HelloKitty1

    This EP is nice! I love her voice & she’s very talented. She did a good job. Ready for an official album.

  • lexiie

    sevynn you can write sing and dance , chris brown is extremely talented as well keep up the good work your time is now!

  • Last man

    Nice one sevyn!loving it

  • AnotherOne

    This is so random but LOOOL at her boots

  • NayClem

    Shattered is actually a good son, and Sex on the ceiling is catchy!

  • ears

    earszzz earszzz earszzz earszzz earszzz earszzz earszzz earszzz earszzz