Kanye West – Yeezus (Album)

Kanye West - Yeezus (Album)


01. On Sight / Zippyshare
02. Black Skinhead / Zippyshare
03. I Am A God / Zippyshare
04. New Slaves / Zippyshare
05. Hold My Liquor  / Zippyshare
06. I’m In It  / Zippyshare
07. Blood On The Leaves / Zippyshare
08. Guilt Trip / Zippyshare
09. Send It Up  / Zippyshare
10. Bound 2 / Zippyshare

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  • Mukesh

    Sharebeast Link Please

  • Mukesh

    Files Are Temporary Unavailable…..
    Pls Re-Up it…

  • jeezy

    thx a lot 4 this. i order the hard copy, but can´t wait til i get it. so thx u saved my weekend. love u work u do her. this is so awesome. big up big up.

  • Ag

    Which tracks are good plz can anyone tell plz

    • admin

      you can’t be that lazy. listen yourself :)

  • jeezy

    Every track. Def!! :-)

  • El Santo

    M4A? Are those track from iTunes? HQ/CDQ right?

    • admin

      somebody ripped it in m4a format, it’s not from itunes. Quality is def. high.

  • Redfoo

    I think I am one of the great American rapper………..

  • Redfoo

    I think Kanye West is one of the great American rapper………

  • yasi

    tnx much
    a solid share
    awesome alubm

  • Ag

    I think each is dope

    • jeezy


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  • gmusic

    when is arriving the official iTunes version?

  • Shizznit

    This is on some extraterestrial sh*t, not my cup of tea…..sorry……..Hip Hop is supposed to sound like it, whether you disagree or not….I go back & listen 2 his 1st albums, that’s when his production was up to par & his lyrics too…..

  • http://musiclinda.org/albums/Kanye-West-Yeezus-album.html vinay

    links workin’ fine ! thanks

  • bb


  • Saint

    this album is a fail .. way to much electronica! This sounds like a DaftPunk album ft Kanye .. only Daft would have made it better. Do yourself a favor and grab that J Cole album and that Mac Miller joint and listen to so real hiphop.

    • Nick


  • bad

    Admin please reupload all songs on album

  • AdityA

    Listen visitors, the birthday of rnbxclusive is coming soon…….!!!! Rnbxclusive is now going to complete one year. I am the special visitor to remind the funky admin of this website.

  • Young Shade

    Whens the itunes version droping?

    • admin


  • chics_debarge


  • jeezy

    when drop the deluxe version?!?! :-)

    • jeezy

      i read about 4 bonus tracks. pre order just via amazon france.

      • admin


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